Workers' Compensation Benefits

Tennessee Workers' Compensation Benefits

Workers' compensation laws frequently change. An experienced workers' compensation lawyer is an invaluable resource for an injured worker. Be sure that you are claiming all benefits you are entitled to after a workplace injury by consulting with an attorney who has helped many previous clients do the same.

Relying solely on your company's human resources department for information puts you at risk of missing out on benefits you are entitled to. Contact the Law Office of Donald D. Zuccarello in Nashville to discuss your workplace injury case. Get a clear grasp on the benefits you should receive and how to maximize the effectiveness of your workers' compensation claim. Talk to one of our workers' compensation lawyers about benefits including:

  • Disability benefits, to be calculated based on a proportion of the employee's average weekly wage over the 52 weeks prior to the injury
  • Medical benefits for as long as required by the authorized treating physician
  • Permanent impairment award, if applicable
  • Death benefits in the case of a fatality, to be paid to surviving dependents or to the estate if there are no dependents

In Tennessee, as of July of 2011, an employee has the option to accept a one-time lump-sum settlement in lieu of ongoing medical benefits.

Understand your Tennessee workers' compensation benefits in light of your particular injury, employment and prognosis. Talk to a workers' compensation attorney to learn how you can make sure that you receive all benefits that you deserve after a workplace injury. Consult with an attorney at our Tennessee employment law firm with no further obligation.

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