Truck Driver Fatigue

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The Dangers of Driving Without Rest

Driver fatigue can lead to slower reaction time, inattention to the road, trouble maintaining a safe speed and difficulty concentrating. In the worst cases, a fatigued driver can fall asleep at the wheel, losing complete control of the truck.

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Driver and Company Negligence

Trucking industry regulations have restrictions on the number of hours a driver may work in one shift. When the limit is reached, the driver is supposed to pull off the road and get adequate sleep. To meet delivery deadlines, however, drivers often exceed the hours limitation. Some will drive for 24 hours straight without taking a break to rest.

Because this is a violation of safety regulations, drivers may record fraudulent information in their logbooks. During our investigation of the accident, we will determine whether the driver was maintaining a false logbook and exceeding hour regulations. If the trucking company encouraged or forced the driver to drive without adequate breaks, we can hold them liable for negligence.

Regardless of the cause, trucking accidents typically cause very serious injuries or fatalities. It is important that you and your family receive full compensation to cover medical costs, lost income and related expenses.

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