Toxic Exposure

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Exposure to dangerous chemicals on the job causes many workers to develop occupational diseases such as:

  • Respiratory problems
  • "Industrial asthma"
  • Chronic bronchitis caused by working with mold
  • Lung damage caused by dust particles or fumes that welders are exposed to

Asbestos and substance exposure are risks involved in many modern occupations. But just because many other people in your profession develop these disorders, that does not mean that you are not as entitled to workers' compensation benefits as any other workers are.

Our Tennessee toxic tort lawyers at the Law Office of Donald D. Zuccarello can advise you on how to go about claiming compensation after you have been injured by bio-hazardous waste and other toxic materials. We welcome the opportunity to evaluate any potential workplace injury case, such as X-ray technicians who suspect that they have been harmed by excessive exposure to radiation.

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Our Nashville workplace injury law firm has helped many Tennessee and Kentucky workers recover compensation they were entitled to after being injured on the job. Note: If a Kentucky employer practiced inadequate safety procedures or failed to warn employees of known hazards, an injured employee may be entitled to up to 30 percent more in benefits. Talk to one of our attorneys for more information.

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