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You Can Hold the Negligent Driver Accountable

Anything that takes a driver's mind and eyes off the road, and/or hands off the steering wheel, may be considered a distraction. Texting and using the Internet while driving have made big news recently. Any use of a cellphone, MP3 player or the radio can also be a distraction.

Distracted driving and texting while driving are against the law in Tennessee, but the penalties are minor: a $100 fine for distracted driving and $50 fine for texting while driving. It is unlikely that these laws will have a major effect on people's texting and driving habits. If you have been injured by a driver who was texting, however, you can hold him or her accountable in civil court. The Law Office of Donald D. Zuccarello can help. To schedule a free consultation with a Nashville texting and driving lawyer, please call 877-918-2395 today.

All Distracted Driving Is Dangerous

Distracted drivers, like drunk drivers, are likely to cause serious accidents because their attention is not on the road. Texting and other cellphone use results in driving with one or both hands on the phone and eyes darting from the phone to the road. Drivers are typically more concerned with sending the messages than paying attention to the road. It only takes one or two seconds of inattention to miss critical information such as:

  • Traffic signals
  • Slowed or stopped traffic ahead
  • A vehicle changing lanes or merging
  • Street signs
  • Road construction
  • Bicyclists and pedestrians

Accident victims may suffer a range of injuries, from whiplash to more serious spinal cord and brain injuries. The medical bills can be enormous, especially if long-term care or specialized treatment is necessary. We will argue for compensation for your medical bills as well as any lost income and additional expenses.

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