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Traumatic and Repetitive Use Injuries

Nursing and other health care occupations are mentally and physically demanding. Health care workers in facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes and group homes, as well as those who provide in-home care are at risk for a number of occupational diseases, including repetitive stress injuries.

At the Law Office of Donald D. Zuccarello, we represent injured nurses, nurses' aides, home health aides, orderlies, EMTs and physicians. Our attorneys can help you with your workers' compensation claim as well as third-party liability claims, when applicable. We understand that being injured and unable to work is frustrating. We work hard to get the benefits you need during this time. For a free consultation, please call our Nashville nursing injuries lawyers at 877-918-2395 or contact us online.

Patient Care Is Hard on the Muscles and Joints

Health care professionals are subject to traumatic injuries and repetitive stress injuries from incidents such as:

  • Lifting and bending
  • Slip-and-fall accidents
  • Needle sticks
  • Exposure to diseases and toxins

Caring for patients requires considerable lifting and bending, assisting patients in and out of bed, to the bathroom, and in and out of wheelchairs. These motions can cause repetitive stress injuries to the back, neck, arms, legs and joints. Long periods of walking and standing can also damage the feet, legs, knees and back.

Obtaining workers' compensation benefits for repetitive stress injuries can be challenging, but our firm has the experience to help you submit a convincing claim. We know what medical evidence is necessary to demonstrate the effects of the condition on your ability to do your job.

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