Multiple-Vehicle Accident

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After a multiple-vehicle accident, it can be particularly challenging to recover compensation for injuries as different insurers seek to shift blame to each other. If you were caught in the middle between two other cars or trucks in a chain-reaction collision, you may find it very unfair when an insurer says you were at fault for hitting the car in front of you. Meanwhile, you and other drivers and passengers injured in the multiple-vehicle accident may be in acute need of financial relief for your injuries — but insurers stall as they seemingly strategize to avoid responsibility and get other insurers to pay up.

Do not attempt to determine on your own which insurance company to approach in pursuit of compensation for your medical treatment and replacement of lost wages while you are unable to work because of your injuries. Our knowledgeable personal injury lawyers at the Law Office of Donald D. Zuccarello are up to the challenge. To learn how to pursue maximum available compensation after a three-car collision or four-vehicle crash anywhere in Tennessee, multi-car crash injury victims are encouraged to contact an experienced attorney.

Once you decide to retain our legal services and we decide to accept your case after a Nashville multiple-vehicle accident, lawyers at our law firm will initiate an in-depth investigation. Review of video footage, gathering of eyewitness testimony, examination of the police report and inspection of the crashed vehicles are all important steps in a detailed investigation after a multiple-car crash.

Does each driver claim that another driver was at fault after your multi- car crash? It is almost certain that each insurance company involved in a multiple-vehicle accident will collect a great deal of information about the crash. You owe it to yourself to even the playing field by having your own attorney matching the caliber of their investigations. If you contact us right after the accident, we have the greatest chance of determining the true cause or causes of your accident. This information will help us help you to obtain maximum available compensation.

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