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The majority of motorcycle accidents are caused by collisions with other vehicles. In most cases, the driver of the car or truck simply did not see the cyclist until the collision or until it was too late to avoid hitting the motorcycle. Because motorcyclists have no protection in an accident, they often suffer serious or fatal injuries.

If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident, contact the Law Office of Donald D. Zuccarello. Our attorneys have helped many accident victims and their families recover compensation for injuries and other losses. We are prepared to pursue your injury or wrongful death claim all the way to trial, if that is in your best interests. For a free consultation, please call our Nashville motorcycle accident lawyers at 877-918-2395 or contact us online.

Serious Injuries Require Long-Term Medical Care

Leg injuries, including fractures and amputations, are very common in motorcycle accidents. Fuel systems that leak during an accident may cause fires, leaving riders with burns, scarring and disfigurement. Cyclists who suffer a serious blow to the head or body are at risk for traumatic brain injuries. In addition, injuries to the back and spinal cord may cause temporary or permanent disability.

Catastrophic injuries such as these typically require care from specialists, long hospital stays and months of rehabilitation. You will need compensation to cover medical bills, long-term or in-home care, lost wages, and possibly funeral expenses and monthly expenses. It is best to have an experienced personal injury attorney fight the insurance company for you to maximize your recovery.

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