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Lump-Sum Workers' Compensation Benefits

Tennessee workers' compensation laws provide for the option of lump-sum settlements in lieu of ongoing disability benefits paid out every two weeks. Lump-sum settlements will be based on an individual's medical impairment rating according to a doctor or doctors. When an injured worker accepts a lump-sum settlement, he or she also waives the usual rights to ongoing medical treatment for the affected part of the body for a lifetime.

At the Law Office of Donald D. Zuccarello, attorneys work to ensure that clients fully understand their options and opportunities during the process of a workers' compensation case. We may insist on our clients' right to a second medical opinion before agreeing to a particular lump-sum settlement amount.

When a lump-sum settlement is an option, we help our clients do the soul searching necessary to determine whether it is truly in their best interests. For example, some injured workers know that they have had problems in the past with overspending or gambling. These clients need to understand the risks of accepting a lump-sum settlement, which will place the burden of money management on the client. The temptation to use the lump sum to pay off credit card bills, for example, can leave the recipient without sufficient income for the future.

If an employer understands that it is in a company's best interests to pay out the lump-sum settlement, and the injured worker accepts the offer, a case will be successfully concluded. If you determine that a lump-sum settlement is in your best interests, we can submit evidence that you are entitled to the lump-sum settlement and that you can wisely manage it.

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