Excessive Speeding

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Higher Speeds Cause More Dangerous Accidents

When a vehicle is hit by a speeding car or truck, it will be struck with tremendous force. Depending on the velocity and weight of the speeding vehicle, the force may be strong enough to crush the frame of the other vehicle, seriously or fatally injuring the passengers inside.

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Compensation for Serious Injuries

A driver who is speeding may be careless, drunk or distracted by activities such as texting while driving. The result may be head-on collisions, rear-end collisions or T-bone crashes. These dangerous accidents can cause serious injuries such as:

If you or a family member has suffered any of these injuries, you will need compensation to pay medical bills from emergency room care, surgeries, hospital stays and doctors' appointments. If you are temporarily or permanently disabled, you may also need compensation for current and future lost wages. We can argue for damages for pain and suffering, and in catastrophic cases, for loss of consortium.

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