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A Broken Bone Can Be Serious

Many people do not think of a broken bone as a serious injury, but it can cause temporary or permanent disability. In fact, depending on the severity of fracture and the age and health of the person, a broken bone may never completely heal. If you suffered a fracture on the job, you may be able to collect workers' compensation.

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Consequences of Fractures

Broken bones may require external or internal fixation such as surgical plates, screws or rods. Being in a cast for weeks and going through rehabilitation may cause months of disability. In the worst cases, the doctor may have to amputate the limb above the location of the fracture.

Depending on the type and location of the cast, the injured person may be unable to bathe, dress or feed him or herself. If this happens, compensation may be necessary to cover the cost of in-home care or the lost wages of a family member who stays home to care for the patient.

Broken bones that may prevent you from working include:

  • Arm, humerus, shoulder, elbow, radius, ulna, wrist or hand
  • Leg, femur, knee, tibia, fibula, ankle or foot
  • Hip or pelvis
  • Spinal disks

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