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Brain Injuries in the Workplace

Any worker can suffer a brain or head injury on the job, but some occupations put people at increased risk. Anyone who works at elevated heights is at risk, including painters, roofers and construction workers. Professional drivers can also suffer head trauma from vehicle accidents.

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You and Your Family Will Need Compensation

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be caused by a blow to the head or a blow to the body that causes the head to move quickly back and forth. This type of trauma can disrupt the normal function of the brain, resulting in TBI. In the U.S., the leading cause of TBI is falls, including falls from elevated heights and slip-and-falls. The second most common cause of brain injuries is vehicle accidents.

Depending on the level of neurological disruption or damage, TBIs may be classified as mild, moderate or severe. Concussions and closed head injuries are types of mild TBI. It is important to realize that loss of consciousness does not occur with every brain injury, so you may not receive an immediate diagnosis of TBI. If your symptoms do not appear until months after the initial trauma, you will need an attorney's help to get workers' comp benefits.

Other types of head trauma include penetrating brain injuries and brain damage caused by exposure to toxins. Regardless of the type of brain injury, the injury victim will likely need medical care from numerous specialists and may require ongoing medical treatment throughout his or her life. It may be impossible to return to work after a brain injury. Workers' comp benefits can cover the medical costs and lost income.

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