Early in weekend, authorities spotlight DUI boating arrests

It is Friday of a long holiday weekend and Tennessee officials are doing all they can with days left to spare to highlight the dangers of drunk driving. It's clear that they are trying to keep the spotlight of public attention on the issue in hopes of reducing the possibility of unnecessary death or injury due to impaired driving... Read More

To avoid motorcycle accidents: Look once, twice, one more time

This is the season for motorcycle rallies. This is as true for Tennessee as it is for any other state. With the onset of warm weather, the two- and three-wheeled rides and their riders are out in full force.

Weekends tend to be busier than other times for such outings; holidays too; which might actually work to the benefit of bikers. Drivers of cars... Read More

Beloved coach mourned after fatal Nashville-area crash

Those who knew him say Eric Susewind could have expected a bright and long future. Unfortunately, he was killed in a multiple motor vehicle crash earlier this month just southeast of Nashville. Police are apparently still investigating the specifics of the tragedy.

The accident took place on Interstate 24 at around 2:20 in the morning on June 16.... Read More

Tennessee car accident: 6 hospitalized in Maryville crash

A multiple vehicle accident out in the eastern part of Tennessee likely has investigators from the police and the insurance companies sorting through evidence trying to determine who is responsible for what. Six people wound up going to the hospital after the crash Monday in Maryville.

The fortunate thing in this particular instance is that officials... Read More