Be very thorough when filing a workers’ compensation lawsuit in Tennessee!

A recent Tennessee Supreme Court decision highlights how important it is for injured workers seeking to file a workers' compensation claim in a Tennessee court make sure they fully comply with the Tennessee Department of Labor Benefit Review Conference process before bringing a lawsuit.

A case in point involves a recent scenario in Walter Word v. Metro Air Services, Inc. Et al... Read More

Motor vehicle accident fatalities increased in 2012

Auto manufacturers are constantly developing new technologies aimed at making vehicles safer. Engineers design vehicles to withstand crashes better, more cars include features such as traction control and anti-lock brake systems and many vehicles include hands-free communication technology built-in. These safety measures are supposed to reduce the number of traffic-related injuries and deaths... Read More

Dramatic increase in teen driver fatalities

Many teens dream of the day that they have the freedom that comes with a driver's license. They long for the open road and the ability to go wherever they want, whenever they want. However, that freedom can lead to tragedy for some teenagers. Motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of death for teenagers in the U.S. according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A... Read More

Federal agency recommends lowering legal BAC for drivers

The National Transportation Safety Board is the federal agency charged with the task of investigating all civil aviation accidents and major accidents in other modes of transportation. The NTSB also undertakes special studies about transportation safety. As a result of one of the board's studies, in May 2013, the NTSB recommended that states lower the acceptable legal blood alcohol content for... Read More

Distracted driving responsible for millions of red light violations

Research has shown that talking on cell phones and other driver distractions take a driver's attention off the road, causing drivers to be less aware of what is going on around them as they drive. Drivers talking on phones are more likely to miss things that are right in front of them, such as traffic signals, stop lights and even pedestrians. A study commissioned by two safety organizations... Read More

Could cow's owner be liable in fatal Tennessee truck accident?

When dealing with issues of liability in a Tennessee personal injury accident, the key question that has to be answered is what were all the elements that played a role in the accident occurring. By identifying all the various aspects and assigning due accountability, the court then attempts to assign proper accountability.

It's not always an easy... Read More

Alcohol suspected in unusual Robertson County fatal crash

When you're driving down a Tennessee highway there may be some instances when cars will be entering from an intersecting route. Drivers are taught to be prepared for these kinds of situations; maybe a little more defensive driving awareness is called for. But even the most attentive driver isn't likely to expect a vehicle coming at them where there is no incoming road.

... Read More
Accident-caused brain trauma highlighted in TN fundraiser

Anyone who has ever been the victim of a motor vehicle accident knows that the injuries that can result can be life altering. Maybe it's a collision involving a drunk driver. Or perhaps a driver was distracted and it leads to a horrible, injury-causing car-motorcyclist accident.

Regardless of the... Read More

Fatal Antioch car crash spurs call for lower speed limits

So many factors can combine to create conditions that result in horrible car accidents that can leave individuals injured or killed. In too many crashes that happen these days in the Nashville area we read that alcohol or drug impairment was a contributor. Distracted driving due to phone use or some other diversion is becoming more and more prevalent. Excessive speed, too, is... Read More

New federal rules to fight trucker fatigue take effect

Trucking companies have had the past 18 months to execute on new federal rules limiting hours of driver service. As of July 1, the rules are officially in force. It's an explicit recognition by federal officials of how often deadly truck accidents due to driver fatigue are happening on highways in Tennessee and the rest of the... Read More