7 Pool Party Safety Tips

What better way to enjoy the warm summer weather than throwing a pool party? The kids can invite their friends over, while you catch some rays and get to know the other parents. But before you send out those invitations, review these simple pool party safety tips that could help you prevent any accidents.

1. Hiring a Lifeguard


You take an unnecessary risk when you assume parents will watch their children or that older kids will be just fine. Experts suggest that recruiting a lifeguard will reduce the chance of an accident. On average,  lifeguards cost around $50 an hour, and they typically require you hire them for two to three hours minimum.


The lifeguard you hire should be walking around, monitoring the pool, keeping headcount, and even conducting swim tests for children who seem inexperienced.


2. Getting the Right Safety Equipment


Keeping safety equipment near your pool can be helpful in the case of an emergency. One common piece of equipment to have on hand is a life ring with a tow rope. It’s best if the rope and pole fits the size of your pool. Additionally, it’s good to have a few small floating toys for beginner swimmers to grab onto.


3. Keeping Large Rafts Out of the Pool


Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing - one example of this is having too many floats in the pool. Having a large number of rafts in the pool increases the chance of a child getting trapped underneath or floating out to deep water and falling off.


4. Setting and Posting Pool Safety Rules


It’s recommended to come up with a few pool rules that you can hang up close by the pool. Possible rules to implement include:

  • Stay away from drain covers.
  • No running.
  • No diving.
  • Swim with a buddy.

5. Stocking Up On Sunscreen and Water


To avoid sunburn, which is not only painful but can also lead to skin cancer, experts prescribe plenty of sunscreen. That way guests can put it on before going out to the pool and reapply as needed. It’s also a good idea to keep bottles of water out to prevent dehydration in the hot summer sun.


6. Learning CPR


Many people choose to learn CPR, so they are ready in the instance of an emergency. The Red Cross offers CPR training classes throughout the year, so why not get certified?


7. Scheduling Rest Breaks for Children


Once per hour you could encourage kids to take a break from swimming by giving them drinks or a snack, like ice cream or popsicles.


Stay Safe This Summer!


Summertime pool parties make for some of the best childhood memories. Using these tips may protect you from an emergency so that you can safely enjoy the pool this summer.


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