What To Do If You Are Injured At A Fair Or Festival
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7 Pool Party Safety Tips

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Teen Driver Fatalities Highest in Summer Months

For many young people, summer months represent freedom and fun times with friends. Few teens stop to think about the dangers they are facing when they are out on the roads. Many think that driving during the summer is safer because the weather is nicer. However, a statement from safety organizations released in June 2013 reported that the summer months are the deadliest time of the year... Read More

How to Avoid Rear-End Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), rear-end car accidents are the most common on America's roads - with 1.5 million reported each year. The impact of these accidents can range from a little fender bender to a car getting totaled, depending on the severity of the crash.

Rear-end accidents can also cause a range of injuries to motorists. On the most... Read More

Accident Highlights Dangers Associated with Tractor-Trailers

Todd Shipley had an unusual house guest waiting for him when he came home recently: a heavy-duty truck carrying a trailer full of steel that had crashed off of Interstate 81 into his home.

Robert Blanton, the driver of the truck, reportedly lost control of the vehicle and drove over the shoulder of the road - subsequently hitting several trees and fences until crashing into Shipley's... Read More

Tennessee Drivers Among the Most Likely to Be Uninsured

Roughly one in seven drivers nationwide is uninsured, according to a recent report by the Insurance Research Council - and here in Tennessee that number is closer to one in four.

Along with Florida and Oklahoma, Tennessee is tied for third among the states with the most uninsured drivers, surpassed only by Mississippi and New Mexico. Even in New Hampshire, the only state where car... Read More

New Tennessee Law Expands List of Business Owners Exempted from Purchasing Workers’ Compensation

A new Tennessee workers' compensation law recently took effect that potentially concerns many business owners operating within the state. Tennessee SB 1550, passed this May, has expanded the eligibility for certain business owners within the construction industry to forego purchasing workers' compensation benefits for themselves.... Read More

More Church-Affiliated Organizations Save on Pensions at Worker Expense

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) is a federal law that sets minimum standards for pension plans in the private sector. For employers who establish pension plans, ERISA requires the disclosure of plan features and funding, sets a floor of fair standards for participation, vesting, benefit accrual and funding, and gives participants rights and remedies pertaining to the... Read More

Disparate Treatment at Work: Job Discrimination Claims Hit All Time High

In a new report, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission details a troubling trend in the American workforce. All told, the agency netted almost 100,000 job discrimination complaints in fiscal year 2011, representing the high-water mark in the Commission's 46-year history.

More employees and prospective employees are feeling unfairly singled out than ever before, many of them... Read More

Texting While Driving Just As Risky As Drinking

One public service announcement about texting and driving sends a clear message. The commercial features a text showing "Where r" and a voiceover explaining that the words form a message that a driver was texting before crashing his car-resulting in permanent brain damage.

The message behind the commercials is not lost upon Tennessee drivers. A university-sponsored survey showed that... Read More