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The first challenge an injured worker has to deal with is pain and discomfort. There may be questions of how to get initial medical evaluations and treatment paid for. However, that is usually just the beginning of challenges to overcome. In the case of a back or neck injury, a person who does manual labor may be rendered unable to continue working as before for quite a long time, if ever. The same may be true of employees who do more sedentary work, but are nonetheless incapacitated by pain.

Back and neck injuries are especially in common among employees in certain occupations, including:

  • Nurses
  • Certified nursing assistants (CNAs)
  • Construction workers
  • Roofers
  • Carpenters
  • Brick layers
  • Restaurant workers
  • Waiters, waitresses

Work-related activities that often lead to lumbar or cervical spine injuries or neck injuries include:

  • Lifting
  • Load bearing
  • Bending
  • Twisting
  • Slipping and falling

Obtaining proper compensation is critical after a back or neck injury. An on-the-job back or neck injury is usually cause for a workers' compensation claim. Your employer's workers' compensation insurer may ask you to be evaluated by a doctor appointed by the insurer.

Talk to an experienced lawyer about how to assert your right to a second medical opinion. You need a lawyer experienced in workers' compensation law as well as in personal injury claims. When a knowledgeable workplace injury attorney evaluates your case, he or she may determine that you also have a third-party liability claim against a manufacturer, subcontractor, property owner or other person or organization that is not your employer.

At the Law Office of Donald D. Zuccarello, we represent only employees in workers' compensation claims. We are prepared to fight for your right to maximum available compensation after a back or neck injury on the job. It does not matter whether your injury occurred suddenly or developed over time at your Tennessee or Kentucky workplace. We have the knowledge and experience you are looking for in a law firm after a back or neck injury at work. Call or email us to schedule a consultation.

An experienced attorney on your side can help ensure that you receive all compensation you are entitled to and that responsible parties are held accountable. At the Law Office of Donald D. Zuccarello, we take a team approach in all our cases, drawing on the best knowledge and experience available in our law offices.

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